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Click to Play Pumplin Run Online Halloween Flash Game free online. Click to play Pumpkin Run Game

Pumpkin Run Flash Halloween Game, Online Flash Halloween Entertainment Game

PUMPKIN RUN HALLOWEEN GAME: This is one of my favorite Halloween Flash Games. An easy Trick or Treat Game to Play; gather as much candy as you can; spit pumpkin seeds at the nasty ghosts and bats that want to take your Halloween Trick or Treat candy; get as much candy as you can! "Pumpkin Run Flash Halloween Game," it's fun to play expecially during the Halloween Holiday Harvest Season.

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How to play this free Halloween Game online; INSTRUCTIONS: The aim of the game is to collect as much trick or treat candy pieces as possible without the Halloween bats stealing any. Also you must try and avoid any oncoming ghosts as they are trying to stop you from getting any candy. Getting touched by ghosts or getting to close to bats will steal your Halloween Pumpkin Power! Spit pumpkin seeds at the ghosts and bats to make them disappear.
The controls are:

  • A/ Left Arrow, MOVE LEFT
  • D/Right Arrow, MOVE RIGHT
  • Mouse Button, SPIT PUNKIN SEEDS

Pumpkin Health, Bat Locater/Navigation and Score Monitors at the bottom.

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Summary Conclusion: Pumpkin Run Game Halloween Online Flash Game; play this Online Flash Halloween Game online for free! Play Free Online Flash Games, Halloween Games, Flash Cannon Blast Pirate Game, Zombie Survival Flash Shooter Game, Pumpkin Battle, wierd Halloween flash game, sports games, massive multiplayer games, action games, puzzle games, flash games, web site content, cartoons and more at mini-clip. Popular Online Games like Runescape, Pirates Of the Carribian, Club Penquin, Power Boat, Final Fortress, and my favorite Pumpkin Run Game Flash Halloween Game.

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