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Zombie Survival Flash Halloween Game, Online Flash Halloween Entertainment Game

"Zombie Survival " Flash Halloween Game," it's fun to play especially during the Halloween Harvest Holiday Season. In this flash Halloween game, "Zombie Survival " you need to blow Zombies to shreds because Zombies are already dead; they are full of blood and brains that they have sucked from maggots like you! They just keep rising up out of their graves; don't let them overwhelm you, they will eat your brains!

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You are soldier in a land full of zombies; the aim of the game it to stop the zombies from eating your brains, blood and guts from your lifeless mutilated body. In this game Zombie Survival just like the real world can't kill zombies because they are already dead, you need to blow them to shreds with your automatic shotgun or frag them to tiny bits with hand-grenades. There are different levels with versions of zombies that are progressively harder to destroy and more zombies rising out of their graves trying to kill you. You can use your points to renew your injured health and purchase more grenades only between levels. You want to keep your health up but gernades are costly buy only what you need to survive. The controls are:
Left Arrow, MOVE LEFT
Right Arrow, MOVE RIGHT
Space Bar, AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN (medium bursts work best, longer shotgun bursts can hold some back, stronger zombies will overcome the shotgun and will only be stopped by grenades; RANGE of the shotgun is about 3/4 of the game screen width, grenades are about 1/2, getting any closer does not make the weapons more effective)
Shift Button, FIRES GRENADES (Shotgun is first choice, use grenades at close range when over whelmed; the shotgun is not powerful enough of there or just too many zombies; Grenades are not a "launched" weapon, tey are more like a high powered blast which clears zombies for about 30% screen width before you.)
Your health is shown as hearts top left, amount of remaining grenades next to health and the score at the top right. Lucky you can play this game free online, you are almost done now because you will not last long in Zombie Survival Game, the zombies of Zombie Survival will soon be eating your brains for Halloween Treats you sissy maggot!!!

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